Frequently Asked Questions

What can Excel do for my company?

With so many Excel features, functions, formulae and most importantly programming codes hehind the scene , all of them can help you save time, increase your productivity, and transform the way you manage information. In modern era, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with mega-data means you step forward than your peers, achieve more accurate business analytical outcome than your competitors and put your company or entity at the advanced developing position.

Why should we choose you as an Excel Consultant?

Some of the many advantages of our Excel Consulting services are:

  • Excel is our primary focus, delivering in depth knowledge and experience to our clients
  • Broad skills and experience beyond Excel including large business software engineering, university lecturing and small business ownership compliment our Excel focus
  • We are customer focused with excellent communication skills and a commitment to first class customer service
  • Unbeatable value for money is provided through high quality offerings and efficient delivery 

What approach will you adopt to know my business and requirement better?

Our consultants are very experienced and well trained to communicate with our clients to understand what they need, what situation they are at (from macro background) and what particular issues they are facing (for micro detailed information). We are specializing in Data Analysing, Financial Modelling, Excel Solutions in both public and private sectors. More importantly we have the provident knowledge and experience to scrutinize your mega-data in detail and strategically figure out the analytical solution for your request. Most of our consultants are CPA qualified and able to provide instructional analytical advices in line with Budgeting, Costing, Contract Management, Project Management, Procurement Management and other Financial Management issues.