VBA / Excel Macro Programming

Do you need an experienced Macro / VBA programmer to help automate your tasks or to extend the functionality of Excel? If so our experienced programmers can help with even the most advanced requirements in your report to hugely increase the working efficiency.

Advanced Reporting Solutions

Do you need help getting the accurate output from your mega-data onto an attractive template formatting? Using Power BI, Power Pivot, Power Query, Pivot tables, all congruent Chart type displays, VBA Programming and other methods, we can create high end dashboards and reports to give you the reports your organisation requires but might not be even realised as possible.

Add-In Development

Have your ever thought about one-click on a button can process the whole analytical process for you? Do you need an add-in built for Excel or another office product? Our experienced programmers can develop an add-in for your organisation to help automate your tasks and to make your staff more qualified and efficiently working on their role. 

Data Analysing

Have you ever thought about you can be in the leading position in this mega-data modern era? Our specialists carry their exceptional mega-data analysing experience from both private and public sectors, in both financial and non financial fields. Our staff analyzed the whole year financial data for a Commonwealth agency, and non-financial auditing related mega-data in another occasion. Sure their experience and insightful thought will assist to build your own entity mega-data analysing model.

Excel Fomulae and Customized Complex Formulae

Having trouble sorting out a formula or do you need a customized formula developed to extend Excel's functionality? Our programmers can resolve your issues with their great experience and insightful expertise on those smart and very useful 'Excel Formulae'.

Excel Features and Supports

Are you struggling with some of the features in Excel? Do you just need some guidance from time to time? Our programmers and designers can help you with all your needs and can support you promptly via remote access or on-site services. There are so many unused but brilliant Excel features will impress you and facilitate your day-to-day work!

Consultation / Excel Training

Are you struggling with some of the features in Excel? Do you just need some guidance from time to time? Our programmers and designers can help you with all your needs. We will consult and support with your requirements to understand what exactly you need and combine our knowledge to provide the best training services which will bring your Excel skills to next bright level.

Financial Modelling

Have you ever thought about a constructional Financial Modeling structure on Excel can best present your business analytical outcome and instantly convert the data input into analysing result? Our specialists can create smart and handy Financial Models for you to do your business valuation, scenario preparation for strategic planning, cost of capital calculations for corporate finance projects, making bright capital budgeting decisions and best allocate your corporate resources.